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Are personal trainers worth the expense?

Its an education course and a workout in one

First, it's an education course and workout in one. A personal trainer explains everything you do in such great detail as it is their expert field and they know everything you need to know when it comes to exercise and nutrition.

You spend an hour with your fitness expert doing a session that has been created specifically for you to achieve your goals and needs. While doing your session you are then spending an hour each time in the company of a personal trainer where you can ask as many questions as you want with regards to exercise and nutrition. They also provide you with any information you may need with regards to your training in the form of information sheets etc.

Here at Oliver James Personal Training we also take our clients to the supermarket to on a food shop to teach our clients about healthy eating, food labelling and to create a tailor made programme based on each individuals current food intake.

You gain the most you can out of each session

Second, a Personal trainer pushes you far beyond your own capability. At the point you would usually give up, a personal trainer gets you to push out five more muscle-tearing reps. This means that you are getting the most out of each and every session you do together.

A gym membership is a cheaper option however most of the population who have one don't use it. The percentage of gym users who achieve their goals is reported to be less than 10%.

Although it is a cheaper option is there any point in joining if your not going to achieve your results or even worse if you are not going to go at all?

A Personal Trainer is more than just that

Third, a PT is a life coach, a nutritionist and a motivational speaker – all in one. They are the rock you need to keep you on track not just for fitness but for all other problems in your life. Exercise relieves stress by bumping up the production of your brains feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins.

Being able to talk to a professional knowing they do not know any of your friends etc means that you can release any problems you may have and a personal trainer will try their hardest to help you if you.

All of the information in a session is strictly confidential meaning that you can rest assure that any information will not be passed on.

A cheaper, healthier, and more productive way than going under the knife

You have two options. The quick fix, or the way that will work for the rest of your life. Plastic surgery these days is much easier to be able to do however it is a short term fix and anything that fixes the problem for a little while but not the rest of your life is a problem. We had one client who managed to lose 8 stone in weight following our techniques at Oliver James Personal Training. Overall it took just under a year costing approximately £3000.

You can have liposuction for the same price which yes is easier as you don't have to do anything or get sweaty however the results would not have been as drastic. Using a personal trainer has many long term benefits such as reduced risk of corony heart disease, increased lung capacity, a healthier lifestyle and greater whole body toning. All of these are not improvements when going under the knife.

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