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  • Oliver James

The benefits of having a personal trainer

Whether you’re a hardened athlete or new to the gym environment having access to a personal trainer can transform your training. Hitting the gym ‘every now and then’ just isn’t going to cut when reaching for your goals. Similarly, working out every single day aimlessly isn’t going to smash your targets either.

Exercise requires a honed technique to achieve the desired results. Personal trainers can develop a workout routine, meal plan, and overall strategy for achieving their clients’ goals. Read on to see which benefit suits you best, if not all!

Quick Results

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they certainly knew what they were doing. Not having a goal or a plan to reach that goal will slow down your progress. Being left to your own devices when working out can become very overwhelming and de-motivating. By having a trainer you can spend time performing the right exercises with the proper equipment. Personal trainers are also ideal for individuals who can only commit a limited amount of time to the gym per week, they can then maximise your time and your results.

Replace Fat with Muscle

The most common health and wellbeing goal is to replace fat with muscle. Without a personal trainer it is very difficult to ensure you are working towards this goal. A personal trainer can help individuals strike a proper balance to burn fat while building lean muscle.

Break the Mould

As mentioned earlier whether you’re a keen gym-goer or a newbie it is easy to get caught up in the same old exercise routine and daily habits. Encountering plateaus in performance is all too common in this industry and can be very demoralising. However, by having a personal trainer you ensure that he or she will identify new techniques to push beyond the plateau while keeping the individual motivated and excited as well as keeping the workout, dare I say it, fun?

Injury Prevention

‘Aimless’ exercise is also dangerous exercise. Not using equipment properly and not using correct form during the movement is a recipe for injury. A personal trainer can teach individuals the right form and correct them as they go through the exercises, thereby reducing the risk of injuries.

Lone Working

When working out on your own it becomes repetitive, isolative and boring. We use the same routine, the same limited movements and probably listen to same songs on our headphones. However, by having a personal trainer not only will they mix up your playlist but they will also mix up workouts and bring new challenges too. Personal trainers are also your best cheerleader to push you to reach your goals and targets, crushing all previous personal records.

Goal Setting

It’s all very well saying I want to look like a certain celebrity with the perfect body, but all we are doing there is setting goals we can’t achieve, lowering our mood and motivation.

Working closely with a personal trainer will help individuals to establish realistic and achievable goals. This will come in the form of short steps, in the direction you want to go. No huge overwhelming unrealistic targets, just health and happy short steps towards your new body.


It’s very easy to not go to a gym class, or even let your friend down with a brilliant excuse you’ve come up with all day. However, the odd missed attendance here and there soon gathers momentum and you end up falling off the fitness wagon.

By having a personal trainer, you automatically have someone expecting you to arrive, with a fitness plan in hand so you don’t have anything else to think about. All you need to do is turn up, get dressed and get going, the rest is taken care of.

Healthy Habits

Working with a personal trainer goes way beyond an hour in the gym. Whilst helping clients reach their goals quicker and more efficiently they can also help them review and manage their healthy habits outside the gym for life. Discussing health, wellbeing, nutrition, strengths and weaknesses with a personal trainer they can ensure that your approach to fitness is tailored to suit your and lifestyle.

Healthy habits is what changes peoples bodies, a personal trainer is on hand to help you create yours.

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