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“My Husband has had a problem with stiff knees for several years due to osteoarthritis. Two consultants would not operate and after visiting various physios they also told him that they couldn’t help him. Oliver was selected by my son after searching for personal trainers in Hale. He knows his stuff and plans a programme specifically designed for your personal needs. After completing 12 sessions with Oliver over a course of 12 weeks we began to notice an improvement. He can now walk unaided indoors and his posture has improved significantly. The difference in his walking is very noticeable and he is much happier. Friends who haven’t seen him for a while comment on these fantastic changes to my husbands mobility. We continue to work with Oliver as he is helping us move better and maintain good health.”

Enid & Mike - Hale

“I’ve had personal trainers for over 10 years and hated every minute of every session. Oliver has been torturing me for 18 months and I have to say despite still hating every session, he is very good at keeping the sessions varied and interesting and undoubtedly he gets results. I am fitter and trimmer than has ever been achieved with previous trainers. He is very adaptable and conscious of ones limitations whether medical, physical, or mental, but still manages to push to levels that are impressive. Oliver is very personable and likeable and I can heartily recommend him as a personal trainer”

Clive - Hale Barns

“As a company director, I have been working long hours and not allocated any time to my own health. I found that the most important thing in life – my health, was deteriorating and I needed to do something about it. I decided that a home personal trainer was the best option for me as it meant I just needed to be available for the session duration. I found it was practical, beneficial, and most of all enjoyable. Training with Oliver has allowed me to feel good each day both mentally and physically. Using a personal trainer has allowed me to work on my health whilst growing my business. I didn’t think i had the time to train however with a few lifestyle changes and two sessions a week I am feeling like a completely different person. If you are looking for a personal trainer in Altrincham then I cannot recommend Oliver enough.”

Ian - Hale

“As a mum of two I have interrupted sleep, long hours, and have no time to myself. My kids are my world, and I want to be a role model for them by leading a healthy lifestyle. Oliver is a fantastic personal trainer…. He is creative, friendly, and professional. His experience working with Children shows as he is able to deliver my personal training sessions with my kids playing in the same room. Doing this allows me to train more than I initially thought I would be able to do which has led to a huge change in my fitness levels and body image. Oliver has helped me with my families nutrition by creating meal plans and recipes for myself and my children. I now feel that as my children grow up they will have the correct relationship with food and I can rest knowing that they are consuming a balanced diet.”

Trudy - Hale

“When looking for a personal trainer in Hale, I came across Oliver James Personal Training and was instantly impressed with what he could do on his video. It inspired me to take on new challenges and try new things. With the help of Oliver I was able to complete advanced exercises which allowed me to achieve my goals. Before I started personal training sessions with Oliver I followed the same monotonous exercise plan and found I wasn’t really getting anywhere. Now I find my sessions progressive, effective, and most important of all FUN!”

Jill - Hale

“In just 4 months Oliver has worked wonders by helping me lose weight and feel good about myself. I now feel more comfortable and confident with my physique and I am looking forward to showing off my new beach body this summer. With a 2 more months before my Holiday I can still achieve much more than I originally thought was possible in this time frame. Thank you Oliver!”

Jackie - Hale Barns

“Oliver is light hearted and great to train with. He makes an hour fly by with various but specific exercises to help me reach my personal fitness goals. I would recommend Oliver to anyone who wants to reach their goals faster and is bored of their current exercise routine.”

Louise - Hale Barns

“Oliver is light hearted and great to train with. He makes an hour fly by with various but specific exercises to help me reach my personal fitness goals. I would recommend Oliver to anyone who wants to reach their goals faster and is bored of their current exercise routine.”

Louise - Hale Barns

“I have been training with Oliver for just over a year and while I have tried trainers before none had managed to both help me achieve my goals and be motivated to keep it up. I now do everything I can to protect the two evenings a week that I train. I signed up to improve overall fitness, tone up, and to reduce stress. The result is that I have dropped a dress size, I am more confident when on a beach, and friends have commented on how toned I am which are all great confidence boosters.
I would thoroughly recommend Oliver whatever your goals may be. He will listen and identify how to help you reach them. For me the evidence speaks for itself and, much to my surprise, I really enjoy the sessions!”

Nicola - Altrincham

“I am not sure I can put into words how brilliant Oliver is and just how much he has done for me. I have been training with Oliver for over two years now and I hope he will continue training me for many more to come! He is funny, motivating and kind. Oliver helped me lose my baby weight plus a little more. He is also brilliant with my son who I have with me at home during our sessions. I cannot recommend him enough.”

Tracy - Altrincham

“I have been training with Oliver for several months now and find him to be professional, supportive and motivational. The sessions are tough but enjoyable. With Oliver’s help and support I completed my first half marathon and I’m feeling fitter and gaining confidence. I would recommend Oliver to anyone.”

Greg - Hale, Altrincham

“I was unsure about whether a personal trainer would work for me. Having had just six sessions with Oliver, I was a transformed individual as I was actually enjoying the training sessions along with the results they were having on my body. 
Oliver is professional and engaging, and will structure a programme to achieve your individual goals. If you bring some energy, enthusiasm and commitment you will, with this man, be fitter, stronger and approach your exercise sessions with a greater sense of purpose and belief.”

Liam - Timperley, Altrincham

“If you are looking for a personal trainer you would be hard pushed to find better than Oliver James Personal Training. He tailors your personal programme, concentrating on the areas you want to improve in whilst making it very enjoyable. 
In my first month with Oliver I lost 11lbs and never once felt hungry. The real plus however is feeling fantastically energised and motivated to exercise and each week significantly improving in the weights I lift and the length of time I can run for. Thank you Oliver!”
Oliver is professional and engaging, and will structure a programme to achieve your individual goals. If you bring some energy, enthusiasm and commitment you will, with this man, be fitter, stronger and approach your exercise sessions with a greater sense of purpose and belief.”

Julia - Timperley, Altrincham

“I have been training with Oliver for 12 months now and the changes to my body, my mind, and lifestyle have been amazing. Since beginning I have lost 6 stone, changed my body shape, and have a new relationship with food. Having led an unhealthy lifestyle for close to 40 years, I didn’t expect to have turned my life around in such a short period of time. I continue training with Oliver as I still require some guidance and support to ensure I maintain my weight, and continue to work on certain problem areas. I found that the nutrition programme I was placed on was realistic and I never once felt that I was on a diet. His service has been crucial to helping me achieve my goals and I would recommend Oliver James Personal Training to anyone who is considering a change in lifestyle.”


Joan - Altrincham

“Where do I start! Since meeting Oliver back in 2013, I have achieved my original goal and much more. He is a professional, motivating, friendly character who knew exactly what I needed to do and how to help me. I enjoy my sessions so much as they are fun, effective, and all done in the comfort of my own home. His personal training service is highly recommended after seeing my own transformation and experiencing his service.”


Laura - Altrincham

“Oliver – just a quick note to say thank you for all your help in the run up to my wedding. I couldn’t have done it without you. You pushed me beyond what I thought I could do. You were encouraging and remained positive (even when I wasn’t!) every step of the way. Your fitness advice as well as your nutrition advice were second to none and I always knew the reason why I was doing something. Not only have you improved my fitness levels but my confidence has grown and I felt truly amazing on my wedding day! Thank you so much for all your help.”


Rachel - Altrincham

“I worked with Oliver to improve fitness and appearance. I looked at a few Personal Trainers that were around but Oliver was miles ahead in knowledge and service. I have always in the past been intimidated by Personal Trainers but Oliver was different, he made you feel at ease, very comfortable to work with, and was very in tune with my requirements and the results I wanted to gain. He made it fun but at the same time pushed you to do what you needed to do. I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone, especially If exercise is not second nature to you and the thought of the gym is not for you. I had to move area but if could still work with Oliver now I would; great guy, right attitude, and great results with a professional service. Highly recommend!!!”

Richard - Sale

“Oliver is currently training my son and has been for just over a year now. He is very motivating and certainly focuses on the goals that are set. My sons fitness levels have increased along with his confidence. I would strongly recommend this lovely approachable lad to anyone who is looking to lose weight or just keep fit. Try him and you wont be disappointed. Thank you Oliver!”

Satvir - Altrincham

"I have been training with Oliver for two months now. After looking for a personal trainer in Altrincham I came across Oliver and after reading about him I thought he was the perfect person to train me. When Oliver came for the consultation I met an energetic, confident person who would definitely bring me out of my shell. As I was quite a timid, negative person previously I wanted to find someone who would be able to help me gain more self confidence and support me every step of the way. After training for 8 weeks together I can already feel and see the results which has helped me become a more outgoing person who is not worried about stepping out of my comfort zone.”

Amy - Altrincham

“I had been to visit a specialist in Manchester after struggling with a shoulder problem. The only option to improve the shoulder was through surgery and I was scheduled to have an operation in three months time. During this time I decided to use the expertise of Oliver after hearing about his work in the Altrincham area. We started to strengthen the upper body to help support the shoulder joint using therabands and I noticed a vast improvement in the struggling shoulder. When visiting the specialist for my pre-op consultation I was told that the joint had improved and strengthened so much that there was no particular need for the surgery. I am now able to continue playing the sports I love and continue to work with Oliver to ensure my joints are kept strong to prevent anything from happening again.”

Simon - Altrincham

“I have been training with Oliver for several months. He really knows his stuff in terms of helping set realistic but challenging goals and then creating a training and food plan which will help you achieve it. Oliver is great with motivation & support, changing the exercise & food plan on a regular basis. He really wants you to succeed and makes a real effort to help you do that. And yes, he is reliable & flexible around timing. A really good personal investment!”

David - Hale, Altrincham

“I have trained with Oliver now for over 3 years and I can very confidently say the level of personal training is second to none. His training is goal orientated and exactly to your specifications – realistic and always achievable. It’s fun and always challenging. There isn’t a monotonous routine; instead I have always told him new things I would like to try and Oliver has always found ways to incorporate those in my sessions. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has set a goal to achieve or is just looking to keep fitness a regular fun routine!”

Salma - Bowdon, Altrincham

“Having spoken to a number of different personal trainers, I chose Oliver James Personal Training as they seemed very professional. They didn’t let me down. Oliver was always reliable, enthusiastic and well-prepared for our sessions. With his help and advice, I achieved my fitness and weight targets within 8 weeks. Now I am concentrating on my next goal which is to work on making my stomach toned.”

Jo - Altrincham

“With my very busy work schedule and also my social life I found it very hard to fit exercise in to my life even though it was very important to me. I came across Oliver James Personal Training while browsing the internet for a solution. I chose Oliver James Personal Training as they came to my house meaning I didn’t have to plan travel time to the gym. I could now fit sessions in as all I had to do was be free for one hour. After selecting my personal trainer based on
practicality I have now seen that Oliver is an outstanding personal trainer and would highly recommend him for any one in the Altrincham area. I am so thankful that exercise is now part of my routine and I feel so much better for it.”

Paul - Altrincham

“Training with Oliver James Personal Training has been great because Oliver keeps me motivated and the results have been very positive – my core strength has increased significantly and it has given me the confidence to start running. Next year my aim is to take part in a local race for charity. If you are anything like me and find it hard to keep up the gym or exercise classes, this is the ideal solution to getting in shape and staying there.”

Laura - Hale, Altrincham

“The team have been fantastic. They helped me realise my potential, and we have achieved results I would never have thought possible before my training sessions. I would recommend a personal trainer from Oliver James Personal Training to everybody and with the supermarket visits, tailor made food plan, and fitness test all included in the price of the sessions it makes this service the best form of personal training in Manchester.”

Jenny - Hale, Altrincham

“Well the good news is that in my first 6 weeks of training I managed to lose 5 inches off my waist, 4 inches off my hips and 1 inch off my arm. I never of thought I would be able to do such a thing but with the help of Oliver I managed to in such a short amount of time. The best thing I have spent my money on in ages. I feel so much better for doing this and it has made me think what can I achieve next!”

Helen - Timperley, Altrincham

“After looking at various personal trainers in the Altrincham area, I chose Oliver James Personal Training initially as a way to look better before my summer holiday. I had been an occasional, often half-hearted gym-goer for a few years but always knew I wasn’t pushing myself anywhere near enough. I always felt that personal trainers were a luxury but it soon became clear that having one was really making a big difference in a relatively short space of time. The team
helped me achieve my goal of losing body fat, building lean muscle and increasing fitness in a quite dramatic fashion so much so that I decided to carry on with my sessions even after my holiday. Now I am feeling better than ever and wish I had got a personal trainer sooner.”

Emma - Altrincham

“After my sister had started to train with Oliver James Personal Training and I noticed she was improving each time I saw her I decided to have a couple of sessions to help me tone up and shift the fat on my stomach. I instantly felt better about myself and my self-confidence improved. The sessions were specific to my needs and my trainer also varied the exercises we did which kept my sessions effective and enjoyable. I also felt that with the nutritional services
being included I benefitted dramatically from this. The team helped me so much and I couldn’t recommend a greater company to go to.”

Jenny - Altrincham

“I started training with Oliver James Personal Training to increase my fitness, lose weight and tone up. I knew a few people who were trained by them and they seemed very popular. Oliver James Personal Training has helped me lose weight and tone up which is surprising considering a year ago I thought the only option for me was a gastric band. I am so happy I made the decision to hire a personal trainer instead. If you are a woman looking to tone up and get fit then Oliver James Personal Training is the team for you!”

Janet - Sale

“I have seen significant improvements in the way I look and the muscular strength I have and this was only in the space of 6 weeks! I never thought I would be able to see and feel the significant changes I did in such a short space of time. I would highly recommend Oliver James Personal Training to anyone who is serious about wanting to improve their appearance and strength in a short space of time. They are a very professional team and will do everything they can to
make sure you achieve your goals.” 

Ben - Timperley, Altrincham

“The primary reason for looking for a personal trainer was to bulk up. After spending years going to the gym and walking past the weights straight to the treadmill it was time to get some motivation. Ollie’s approach has been perfect. At the start I was pretty nervous about my general lack of strength, but Ollie was professional and offered encouragement to keep me going. He did not over promise in terms of the timescale for results and set realistic goals. He is exceptionally knowledgeable and explains the benefits of each exercise. My programs are changed on a regular basis to keep them interesting and Ollie gives me a plan to work to outside of his sessions. As for results, I now have a rail full of shirts I can’t fit in for all the right reasons! I would highly recommend him.”

John - Sale

“When looking for a personal trainer I was looking for a variety of things. An experienced, knowledgeable, and professional trainer. Most of all though I was looking for a trainer where I would feel comfortable having them in my home. When I met Oliver he was very enthusiastic and made me believe that I could achieve anything. After six months I had achieved my original goal and much more. I feel better than I have ever been and the results continue to come. Oliver James Personal Training is the best company I have been trained by after having so many other personal training companies in the past.”

Helen - Sale

“Working with Oliver is a fun and effective experience. I have lost over three stone since I have been training with him and feel so much better now. I have lost weight, improved my fitness, toned up and most importantly increased my self confidence. Oliver is very professional as he is always on time, explains things clearly, and helps you as much as he can. He also makes the sessions varied; teaching me new hings like boxing and core stability exercises. I have fun each time I am trained by Oliver and look forward to every session. A highly recommended trainer.”

Debbie, Hale, Altrincham

“Oliver James Personal Training is the best service I have come across in Manchester. I have had five Personal Trainers in the past and they have not given me the results I wanted. Then I met Oliver, with his structured programs, nutrition service, and enthusiasm I managed to achieve my goals in no time. Now I have set new goals and feel fantastic. He is without doubt the best trainer in my area and he will go that extra mile to help me with my fitness and nutrition goals.”

Sarah - Altrincham

“I’ve been training with Oliver and have found him to be an effective trainer who is sensitive to my individual needs. Oliver’s sessions are always varied, mixing weights with short bursts of cardio, and are designed to push you to your limits! I have seen, and felt, a huge impact on my body shape – not only have I lost weight but I’ve shed 10 inches too! I continue to enjoy the sessions and would recommend Oliver to anyone who is serious about improving their physical

Ruth - Sale

“Oliver is an excellent personal trainer. He is fun, friendly and pushes you to your limit and no more. He respects what you can and cannot achieve but will help you to do your utmost. He designed a programme which was perfect for me as an individual. I am no longer a spring chicken and yet Ollie has never let me feel that I was too old to get fit. I continue to train with him because I feel safe and happy in his professional hands and I recommend him highly to anyone looking to get fit and have a laugh along the way.”

Christine - Hale, Altrincham

“I have a pretty busy work life, and although I do occasionally visit the gym I don’t feel I’m getting a great deal of benefit from it. Then I met Ollie. Ollie gave me a structured routine to follow whilst at the gym, and along with his weekly one to one sessions I’m finally starting to see results. Ollie gives me the kick I need to go that one step further, which has me feeling better in myself . Ollie is always changing the way we train to ensure I get the most out of my time with him. I never knew exercise could be this
much fun!!”

Dan - Timperley, Altrincham

“I have been training with Ollie twice a week, and now feel the fittest I have ever been. He is an excellent trainer, who works you hard and keeps the work outs challenging, whilst making the session fun and highly enjoyable. Ollie is likeable and friendly, yet maintains a professional manner, and is very  knowledgeable in his expertise. Highly recommended.”

Vicky - Altrincham

“I’ve been working with Oliver and I can’t believe how good I feel these days. His unique ability to make me go further than I believed possible during our sessions has not only increased my fitness but also my self-esteem. A hard but empathetic taskmaster with infinite patience is just what I needed to get me motivated. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone!”

Vicky - Sale

“I started training with Ollie in mid September 2009. He had been highly recommended to me by my friend who is a personal trainer. I had decided that I needed to do some kind of resistance training to improve my strength and muscle tone. In stepped Ollie, I liked him immediately and felt comfortable with him which was a very important part of my criteria when thinking about having a personal trainer. I am definitely stronger which I love and my muscles are much more toned. In fact my whole body is starting to change shape. I had many positive comments about my body change over the Christmas period which is always great to hear. Ollie isn’t a shouty sergeant major type, which is why I like him, but you have to work hard when you train with him.”

Leander - Wilmslow

“When looking for a slimming club in Altrincham I stumbled across Oliver James Personal Training and thought if I was going to lose weight then I wanted to ensure I achieved a good body shape. When I started with the team I was instantly impressed with the service especially their knowledge and how they explained everything to me. I felt I was being educated rather than just told what to do which meant I could take this information on board and use it for the foreseeable future. After working with the team for 3 months now I feel I am well on my way to feeling the best I have in ages. A convenient, unique and effective service from a well known name in the fitness industry.”


Paula - Hale

“I was a member of my local slimming club in Timperley and also a member of the local Total Fitness in Altrincham. I felt that I was paying a lot of money for little support from both clubs. This is why I decided to try Oliver James Personal Training as they seemed to offer you the support I was looking for. With the variety of meetings such as supermarket trips, fitness tests etc which were additional to my sessions; I was flooded with information which enabled me to concentrate more on what I wanted to achieve. I would recommend this service and team to anyone looking to improve their fitness and nutritional habits. “ 

Linda - Timperley

“I have tried gym memberships, bootcamps, and slimming clubs but none of them seemed to work. What seemed to work for me was the information I was given from Oliver at Oliver James Personal Training. With this information I then got in to a routine and quickly started to notice results. I also found it fantastic that I was given equipment to work out at home which saved me money and just meant that I had to pay for my sessions without any extra costs for equipment, gym
membership etc. “

Anne - Sale

“I trained with Oliver James Personal Training for a number of months in a bid to regain some enthusiasm for exercise as I always found it was hard to motivate myself. I had tried everything health clubs, classes, boot camps and even personal training with other companies however I still struggled. The encouragement, education and support has been excellent and I’m pleased to say I now feel confident enough to exercise on my own. Thanks “

Phil - Altrincham

“Oliver James Personal Training gave me the knowledge and motivation I needed to achieve my results. I was looking for a personal trainer in Altrincham and there was lot of people to choose from. Oliver James Personal Training stood out for me as it had a good reputation and Oliver himself seemed to have a great amount of experience in the health and fitness industry. I spoke to other people in Altrincham who had received training from them and they had nothing but great things to say about the company. Here I am having achieved my results adding to the list of people saying fantastic things. Oliver James Personal Training is the company to speak to if you have any fitness or nutritional issuses.”

Tom - Altrincham

“I started training with Oliver James Personal Training after searching for something different and I sure found that. Having been a regular gym goer I decided to try something new and felt that a home personal trainer would be for me. The first session was a blast, it opened my eyes and showed me how fun exercise can actually be. I was hooked from the start with the friendly trainer, effective training and new found love for training. What worked well for me was the flexibility of Oliver. As I do shift work I have found it hard to keep to a routine however with the morning, evening and weekend sessions I was able to do a minimum of two sessions per week. Since starting with Oliver James Personal Training I have never looked back and Oliver will have to put up with me for the foreseeable future. ”

Claire - Sale

“Since my friend started with Oliver James Personal Training, she had been going on and on about how much fun she was having. She told me every week how much better she felt and how I should give it a go. As a couch potato type person that I was I disregarded everything she said until I eventually gave in to her and agreed to try a joint session. I have many reasons to thank my friend and the Oliver James Personal Training team. Firstly I have never done exercise and enjoyed myself…….until now. I had never seen weight fall off and stay off……..until now. Finally I have never looked forward to going out and exercising…….until now. It is such a great feeling knowing how I have been converted and can’t imagine not exercising. I haven’t just achieved my fitness goals, I have made lifestyle changes that will benefit myself forever. Thank you friend for suggesting Oliver James Personal Training to me.”

Libby - Timperley, Altrincham

“I have always been a timid person who hides at the back and avoids social situations not because I didn’t want to but because I lacked the confidence and people skills I needed. I started training with a group of friends using Oliver and was instantly welcomed by him which made me feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation for me. He made me feel at ease from the start and it was great to know that I was in safe hands. His clear explanation of exercises, demonstrations and understanding was brilliant. Although teaching a few people at once he was still able to spot if someone was doing something wrong and quickly helped them without bringing any attention to that person. I needed help with my diet and he was more than happy to answer any questions after the session. Having being hiding in the background for 32 years I have finally developed the confidence I need to go out and get what I want. I know it may seem drastic but I am a changed person because of my training. My personality, confidence, and people skills have increased 110% in just a small space of time”.

Helen - Timperley, Altrincham

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