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Why a Home Personal Trainer is Better than the Gym

Whether you have been a dedicated gym bunny for many years or you are just getting started on your fitness journey, you may be weighing up your workout options. We are obviously slightly biased, but we think there is nothing better than taking responsibility for your health by signing up with a home-based personal trainer. Ready to hit your goals from the comfort and safety of your front room? Here are some reasons why we think this is better than joining a gym.

Variety is Key for Long-Term Success!

The gym tends to be a great place for those starting on their fitness journey for the first few months. The excitement of the new machines, shiny environment and buzz of energy that comes from the enthusiastic trainers is fantastic. Once that all wears off, and you have done every class ten times, you can quickly become bored.

When working with a home-based Personal Trainer, your workouts are tailored to your needs, so the range of exercise opportunities is endless! Your trainer can keep things fresh and exciting, mixing up your sessions with new activities while keeping you involved in the journey.

Cut the Commute

Your gym might only be around the corner, but once the enthusiasm for exercise wears off, so will your motivation to leave the house to get there. By removing the need to travel to your workout, you also remove one of the obstacles stopping you from reaching your goals. With a Personal Trainer coming to your home, you are already in the best place to get moving.

There is no Dip in Accountability

When you know you have to check in with your personal trainer, you are more likely to complete the workouts for fear of letting them down. Of course, the gym has personal trainers too, but they are less accessible on a regular basis. Whenever you feel demotivated or you need some advice, your Personal Trainer is there to help, so you feel more confident and capable in your abilities.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Working out is great for your physical and mental health, but it does come with a rather grubby side-effect – sweat! When exercising in the gym, there is a much higher chance of picking up and passing on germs through contact on the machines and mats. Your home will be as clean as you make it, with only the germs of you and your family inside of it. If you really want to be clean and have peace of mind, this is the best place to work out.

Service with a Smile (and Tough Love)

The thing about personal trainers in general, is that we really do want you to succeed. If you look good, we look good, so to speak. At Oliver James Personal Training, we promise to offer the very best service, bringing that personal touch to our training sessions. You can get all the benefits of a gym-based personal trainer and none of the negatives, in your very own home with a home personal trainer.

If you’re searching for a home personal trainer in Altrincham or the surrounding areas then please do get in touch.

Contact us and find out exactly what we can offer you.

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