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  • Oliver James

Online Weight Loss Coaching

In 2018, I was featured on an ITV show called This Time Next Year, hosted by Davina McCall. I was asked to help a man lose ten stone within one year. When the show went out, I was inundated with emails and comments asking me to help many people throughout the UK. I was a personal trainer in Altrincham, who was used to delivering one-on-one personal training sessions in person. How could I help others lose weight who lived in different parts of the UK?

I decided to launch a new weight loss coaching company called The Weight Loss Academy Ltd. It was completely new to me as it was an online coaching business. I would offer online weight loss coaching on Zoom or Facetime and set up a weight loss course called The Road To Weight Loss. At first, it was a little slow as neither I nor the public were confident with the world of online coaching, but then COVID-19 happened. Instantly, we were all doing quiz shows and work meetings on Zoom and Teams, and we became pros by the end of the lockdown. This is when The Weight Loss Academy really took off.

The Weight Loss Academy has allowed me to help a greater amount of people as I can be connected to people anywhere in the world.

If you're searching for an online weight loss coach, visit to take a look through our online coaching, courses, and membership.

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