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  • Oliver James

How home personal training helps busy people

Whether you’re a busy parent, or hard at work most of the week, or both, then working out and keeping fit slips down your list of priorities.

Let's be honest busy people have an endless list of duties that can often stop you accessing activities that allow you to burn calories and keep fit.

However, we offer some helpful opportunities to fulfil your need for exercise, but before you start saying “I’m too old” you will be surprised that as much as you think you are, “too busy” that you are actually very mobile day to day. I often see busy people doing a ‘farmers walk’ into the house with shopping bags, or squatting down to lift their child off the floor, sound familiar? Well it’s easily done.

However, to reach our health and fitness goal we need convenience, we need to be told when to get up, and we need our food shopping to arrive at the door. Busy people only need a chance to save some time and we take it. There are only so many minutes in the day.

This is where a home personal trainer comes in, ensuring you take your health, fitness and well-being seriously and create time and opportunity to reach your goals.

Expert Advice

Because we are all different there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to exercise. We have different bodies, needs, goals, that must be considered when designing a workout program. And that’s why you need an expert, at home!

When it comes to training you need someone that knows what they are doing because doing an exercise the wrong way could cause an injury, if you have a goal in mind such as gain muscle vs burn fat the exercise program will be completely different.

Having someone to report to and checking in on you to make sure you are completing your work outs will keep you on track to reach your goals. Believe it or not an online personal trainer can give you the same amount of personal attention, if not more, than a regular trainer.

Furthermore, a home personal trainer will fit into a busy person's lifestyle, rather than the other way around. If your kids expect every inch from you then it means you can still work out and be at home with the kids. Whether you get up early, or put the kids to bed a home personal expert is ready, when you are!


A home personal trainer delivers the most effective workout in a short period of time meaning that you don't have to exercise every single day to achieve their goals.

We are all busy. Squeezing in the time it takes to get to and from the gym, plus the time spent training, can be difficult. Especially if you aim to work out a few times a week. With online personal training or home experts you can train according to your own schedule without having to coordinate with the trainers and save travel time getting to and from a gym.

Also, with endless workouts that can be done with body-weight or minimal equipment allows for the session to be done anywhere, at home, at the office, in a hotel room, anywhere you want, your trainer will be on hand.

Time Saving

You just have to be ready, in your gym gear for literally one hour. No travelling back and forth to busy gyms, waiting to scan your members card or wondering whether to stay for a shower or get home. Us home trainers turn up, ensure you are working towards your goals without wasting any additional time.

Don’t be put off by the banging and clanging of a gym environment. You don’t always have to sneak past the heavy lifters just to exercise more. Your own body-weight is the perfect ally to your health and well being; this is why your home environment is the perfect setting for us to help you get the most from your workout.

And when we are done, yes you guessed it, you're already home! The kids are in bed, or not up yet, your post workout meal is on the plate in front of you and you're already on your way to your own shower, the perfect scenario!

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